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Emergency Blanket from Presents for Men
Every car owner hiker and skier should have one. It weighs only 50g and folds to the size of a pack of cards. It could save a life by keeping an injured person warm until help arrives. Also reflects light in poor...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £2.99
Airplane Adaptor Socket from Presents for Men
Do you find airline headphones uncomfortable? Now you can use your personal headphones while flying using this special adaptor with a 3.5mm socket that plugs straight into the plane’s headphone socket.click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £5.99
2 x D Batteries from Presents for Men
D batteries are typically used in high current devices like large flashlights and torches radio receivers and transmitters portable sound systems and products with electric motors. 2 x D Batteries STAR BUY: buy any 4...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £3.25
Battery Bulb and Fuse Tester from Presents for Men
Use this 3-in-1 Tester to check whether batteries bulbs and fuses are working. This clever device saves time by quickly identifying the cause of a malfunction. Requires 9V battery (included).click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £7.50
Luggage Packing Cubes - Set Of 3 from Presents for Men
Organise and compact your clothes inside your luggage with our lightweight zip-up Packing Cubes (set of 3).It’s a great concept! You can keep your clothing separate for the entire trip which makes finding your...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £12.99
On The Spot™ Instant Stain Remover from Presents for Men
Keep a box of On The Spot™ Stain Remover Pads in your handbag briefcase or glove compartment for emergency spills. Formulated to remove wine coffee chocolate fruit and berry stains On The Spot™ is a travel...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £6.99
iPhone 5 Charge Tidy from Presents for Men
Sit your iPhone 5 on this ingenious little Charge Tidy and keep your kitchen or bedroom free from trailing wires. The neat and safe way to charge your iPhone the phone charger plugs directly into your device whilst...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £14.99
Battery Tester from Presents for Men
This handy little gadget will save you a fortune in batteries and pay for itself in no time. One duff battery in a batch will stop an appliance from working so you throw all the batteries away. Now you can tell which...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £5.50
Pack-A-Bags from Presents for Men
This multi-purpose Pack-A-Bag is just what every traveller needs. The 5 zip-top pockets have clear fronts so you can see the contents at a glance. Ideal for all the little things you can never find buried at the...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £14.99
Black Folding Umbrella from Presents for Men
Keep our Telescopic Umbrella in your bag for unexpected showers. The compact Black Umbrella is cleverly designed with an off-centre handle to keep you dry. 100cm diameter folds to 32cm. Also see our William Morris...click for info
Category: Batteries
Price: £14.99