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Mud Sweeper from Presents for Men
The fast and easy way to remove mud and stones from the treads and welts of wellies walking and football boots and shoes. The Mud Sweeper fits in the palm of your hand making it so easy to use. It has 2 spikes for...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £5.99
Square Wooden Planter from Presents for Men
Plant your favourite flowers in our attractive French Grey painted solid wood Planters. The Square Planter looks smart as a pair on either side of a door. Sold as single Planters. 50 x 50cm. Self assembly required....click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £54.99
Green Clean Easy Moss and Mould Remover from Presents for Men
Remove unsightly and slippery moss lichens mould and algae from paving concrete and fencing without scrubbing! Simply spray on the Green Clean leave and see the results in just 48 hours. Green Clean is organic and...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £4.99
Indoor Allotment from Presents for Men
Grow a stunning herb display on a windowsill or in a conservatory with the Indoor Allotment. The indoor garden kit features a wooden picket fence-style planter with 3 plastic pots and drainage trays. To get you...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £24.99
Lawn Mower Cleaning Brush from Presents for Men
Fermented grass clippings left in your Mower can lead to mould rust and corrosion. Keep it clean and reduce the risk to your fingers by clearing out grass clippings with our wooden-handled Cleaning Brush.Its special...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £7.99
Build-a-Balls from Presents for Men
With no tools no skill and no effort it is possible to build strawberry cages full size fruit cages cloches pea or bean supports and lots of other structures for your garden using Build-a-Balls and ordinary bamboo...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £16.99
General Purpose Green Grip Gloves from Presents for Men
Whatever you are doing in the garden these best-selling gloves will be perfect for the task. Thin enough to handle the smallest seedling yet thick enough to be thornproof these Grip Gloves have breathable backs to...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £6.99
Diamond Log Splitter from Presents for Men
Split logs the easy way with this clever device. Simply position the point in the middle of a large log and hit the top with a sledgehammer – so satisfying!17cm.click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £9.99
Pond Gloves from Presents for Men
Anyone who has ever had to clear a drain will appreciate what a great idea these pond gloves are. Ideal for protecting hands arms and clothing when clearing drains guttering or water features. The gloves are fully...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £11.99
Outdoor Infra-red Pest Repeller from Presents for Men
Are you troubled by rats rabbits deer foxes badgers squirrels hedgehogs cats or dogs in your garden? This mains powered Pest Repeller is safe and effective. It will not affect birds or fish as the four frequencies...click for info
Category: Garden Tools
Price: £49.99