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Set of 10 Roulade Clips Westfalia from Westfalia Mail Order
Skewers and toothpicks are a thing of the past with these handy roulade holders. These handy aids hold roulades firmly locked in during the whole of the boiling process. The stainless steel holders match the size of...click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £4.99
Silicone 5-Egg Holder Westfalia from Westfalia Mail Order
No more cracked breakfast eggs. For perfect eggs without scalded fingers thanks to the thermally insulated handle. This silicone egg holder means that cracked breakfast eggs are a thing of the past. Dishwasher safe....click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £4.99
Silicone Roasting Bands Westfalia from Westfalia Mail Order
Simply ingenious: Place the band around the beef olive, fasten done Quick, clean and easy. Suitable for use in roasting tins, ovens, microwaves, freezers and dishwasher safe. Length approx. 38 cm each. Heat resistant...click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £5.99
Stainless Steel Breadcrumbing Set Westfalia from Westfalia Mail Order
Breadcrumb / batter set in high quality stainless steel, which does not affect the taste. No more drips and waste between the different dishes. Also ideal for marinating.click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £12.99
Automatic Saucepan Lid Westfalia from Westfalia Mail Order
This clever pot and saucepan lid has an automatic steam valve. This lid for pots and saucepans with silicon sealing ring ensures that nothing in your kitchen will ever boil over again. An automatic steam valve...click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £14.99
Stainless Steel Potato Grater from Westfalia Mail Order
Save your fingertips and use this stainless steel potato grater.  The grate is made from extra strong stainless steel weave so that the potatoes grate easily but your fingertips are safe.  Can be used for potato...click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £9.99
Higher Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 350ml from eChemist
Made without chemicals from 100% certified organic apples Unfiltered and unpasteurised, naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar goes to full-strength to create a cloudy, earth-coloured vinegar with a wonderfully...click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £7.50
Hartleys Best Apricot Jam from British Corner Shop
From the experts at Hartleys comes this fruity and scrumptious best apricot jam.click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £2.59
Hartleys Best Blueberry Jam from British Corner Shop
Hartleys Best Blueberry Jam tastes great spread on toast, a winning combination to help you wake up in the morning!click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £3.09
Hartleys Best Raspberry Jam from British Corner Shop
Made with the finest fruit, you'll love Hartleys Best Raspberry Jam.click for info
Category: Condiments
Price: £2.49