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Microwave Plate Warmers from Presents for Men
Heat plates and bowls with minimum fuss and without cluttering up your oven. Simply heat these Plate Warmers in a microwave then place on your plates to keep them hot for up to 45 minutes. Alternatively use can place...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £14.99
Aegean Tray from Presents for Men
Carry a tray of drinks in one hand without spilling a drop! Impressive and practical especially when negotiating steps. It is possible for the tray to tip and swing at crazy angles without the glasses or their...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £39.99
Folding Banquet Tables from Presents for Men
Perfect for parties car boot sales camping and BBQs our trestle tables are used by professional caterers and are invaluable where extra dining space is needed. The versatile 4’ version adjusts from...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £74.99
Omlette Maker from Presents for Men
Cook tasty omelettes in the microwave in 2 minutes. Simply place your favourite ingredients in the silicone Omelette Maker cover with beaten eggs and pop in the microwave. Quicker healthier and less messy than frying....click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £14.99
Guitar Bottle Opener Keyring from Presents for Men
Open crown topped bottles with one of these metal Guitar Bottle Openers which can also be used as a key fob. Assorted colours each one comes in a gig bag with plectrum pocket. 13cm.click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £7.50
Wrendale Countryside Collection Coasters from Presents for Men
These charming Coasters look fantastic on the table in a country kitchen or dining room. With heat-resistant cork backs they are a great way of protecting surfaces from marks and stains. The 6 coasters feature the...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £8.99
Range Roller-Towel with Poppers from Presents for Men
Specially designed to hang on an Aga Rayburn or Range rail but equally suited to any oven rail these high quality towels are secured with poppers making a continuous towel which will not fall off the rail. Made to...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £14.99
Musical Cake Slice from Presents for Men
Celebrate in style with this amusing musical cake slice which plays tunes suitable for every occasion. Press the button of your choice and as you cut your cake or pudding you and your guests can sing along to...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £11.99
Wasp Scarer from Presents for Men
Turn your garden into a wasp-free zone with this imitation wasp nest. Research has shown that wasps are territorial and avoid other nests. Hang it in a protected area under a roof or porch and enjoy wasp-free dining...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £4.50
4-Sided Diamond Sharpening Block from Presents for Men
Sharp tools work better are safer and take less effort to use. This 4-sided Diamond Sharpening Block hones and sharpens garden shears lawn mower blades and secateurs as well as chisels axes and kitchen knives. Four...click for info
Category: Kitchen
Price: £19.99