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Gorilla Glue from Presents for Men
Gorilla Glue literally glues hundreds of materials in thousands of combinations: wood stone metal ceramic brick foam board fibreglass plastic iron etc. Easy to use and ideal for indoor or outdoor use for repairs...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £5.99
Milliput® Magic Mender from Presents for Men
Milliput® is a versatile putty which will mend virtually anything. It adheres to and will seal or stick: ceramics wood plastics metals glass cement etc. Capable of being moulded and when set it can even be turned...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £5.99
Hedgehog Gutter Brushes from Presents for Men
Easy to install maintenance-free and virtually indestructible the Hedgehog Gutter Brush keeps gutters clear all year round. The brush fills the gutter preventing leaves and other matter getting in – simple but...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £24.99
Magnetic Wristband from Presents for Men
How many times have you needed three hands when fixing something around the house? This magnetic wristband will make life much simpler by keeping screws nails tacks and washers at hand while you are working. The...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £7.99
Laddermat™ from Presents for Men
Reduce the risk of slipping when using a ladder or stepladder with Laddermat™. Invented by a window cleaner the four heavy-duty rubber mats can be used to level a ladder on uneven ground or slopes to prevent the...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £19.99
Secret Money Belt from Presents for Men
Keep a secret supply of money in the discreet 56cm zip-up compartment concealed inside the belt. The Brown canvas and leather Secret Money Belt can be cut down to fit 63-115cm (25-45”) waist.click for info
Category: Home Security
Price: £15.99
Deep Clean Brush Set from Presents for Men
Keep grout grooves stove tops tap edges and shower door tracks clean and sparkling with this specially designed Deep Clean Brush Set. The stiff angled brushes and pointed rubber wiper blade remove grime from difficult...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £5.99
Drain Blaster Drain Cleaner from Presents for Men
Save a fortune on plumbers’ call-out charges by clearing your own drains. No more caustic chemicals – the Drain Blaster blasts through blocked pipes and drains using nothing but air pressure! Ideal for...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £12.99
Precision Oiler from Presents for Men
This Precision Oiler puts a single drop of oil exactly where you need it with pinpoint accuracy without mess (sealed unit). Ideal for squeaky hinges stuck locks for tools knives bearings etc. Every toolbox should have...click for info
Category: DIY
Price: £4.50
Safety ID Bracelet from Presents for Men
Anyone who has ever lost a child while out and about even for a minute will realise how invaluable this clever Safety ID Bracelet could be. Elasticated to fit children from 12 months - 10 years it holds an ID label...click for info
Category: Home Security
Price: £4.99